Hair wash powder - Shikakai Powder

SKU: VHP 02 ISBN: 202203100250
VIKA Shikakai powder contains totally 19 ingredient Shikakai,Reetha,Fenugreek seeds,Hibiscus flower petals, Curry leaves,Neem Leaves etc...

Benefits of Shikakai Powder for Hair:

  • Although you cannot expect a good amount of lather like the other shampoos available in the market with Sulphate, it cleanses the hair effectively. Reetha added in Shikakai will give you the required lathering to clean the hair
  • Applying the water used for boiling the neem leaves followed by Shikakai hair wash will remove the lice and keep your hair lice free. 
  • It prevents and treats dandruff problems effectively. Use it with the neem leaves as mentioned in the above point. It is more effective.
  • VIKA Herbal shikakai powder is free from all harmful chemicals.
  • Shikakai powder promotes hair growth and reduces hair problems like hair fall, hair loss.
  • Cools down the whole body and the scalp will get sufficient moisture. 
  • Maintains the overall good health for your hair.
  • Using our VIKA herbal shikakai for hair wash once or twice a week will keep your hair damage free.